Yuly Ferreira and Fabián Ríos lose the baby they were expecting

Colombian actors Yuly Ferreira and Fabian Rios They shared this Monday with their followers on Instagram the news of the loss of the baby they were expecting.

Ferreira, who was 10 weeks pregnant, was the first to tell about the sad situation she is going through with her husband.

“Sometimes not even words can express what the heart feels like, the pain is so intense that it feels like you can’t take it anymore, only God knows and I wonder and ask him: Why? For what? ”, Ferreira questioned along with a video in which his 4-year-old son David appears, telling him that he should lie down so that his stomach is flat again.

In the publication, the interpreter of Yorley in the soap opera “El Ultimo Matrimonio Feliz” assured that she understands that there are things that have no explanation, and that despite the pain she feels for what happened, she feels happy to have had the opportunity to be pregnant again and accepting God’s will.

“We want to control everything and it doesn’t work that way, however I am very grateful to Daddy God because he gave me again the beautiful opportunity to be a mother and carry my baby in my womb for almost 10 weeks, which were strong but I enjoyed them with my soul and body. and spirit, I am on the path to continue learning, to listen to the voice of God and I accept the will of my father and I know that his hand will guide me, I trust in him and I will rest in his power”, he continued.

“I wanted to share it because I want you to know that we are not alone, it hurts a lot but there is a time for everything under the sun and I know that if we put everything, everything in God’s hands, He will be in control and who better than our father who knows what we need to take care of us, to heal, meanwhile I will rest in his power,” he concluded.

For his part, the Telemundo and RNC heartthrob dedicated some emotional words to the mother of his two children where he expressed his love and admiration along with verse 10 of chapter 41 of the Book of Isaiah of the Holy Bible, since both are believers of Christianity .

“I just want to tell you from God that He is in control, He knows exactly why and for what and that reassures me and I want to leave it reflected here: Isaiah 41 10, Do not fear, because I am with you, do not worry , because I am your God; I strengthen you and help you, I support you with my victorious hand,” Ríos wrote in a comment.

In 2022, Ferreira revealed on the “La Red” program that the singer Adriana Lucía helped her strengthen her relationship with God as a result of a first baby that she lost before she had her second child.

The couple, which represents one of the most stable in show business in Colombia, plans to remarry after re-engaging in September 2021 after 20 years of marriage and have their offspring Lucia and David, 15 and 4 years old respectively.

“20 years ago I did not have the ring, because we were just beginning to get ahead, today after those years I can Thank God buy her the ring that our love deserves, and also soon the marriage that we dream of and that my lady @yulyferreira deserves”, Rios said.

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