Zendaya and Tom Holland: the latest result of “Spiderman”, the Cupid of this couple

The love of the actress Zendaya with the British dancer and actor Tom Holland was something that was speculated by fans since their roles in the movie “Spiderman” in 2016, although the film was released in 2017. The currently in love were 19 years old old by then.

Both actors, 25 years old, assured that their relationship was only one of friendship, “he is literally my best friend, in the past months we had to travel on press tours together,” Zendaya explained in 2017.

The couple later began to show signs of a love relationship, especially after Tom debuted on Instagram in a photo in the pool with Zendaya.

By 2021 the couple has a more open relationship and affirming their relationship with Tom’s most recent instagram post: “Naaa, enough (along with heart emoji). An incredible achievement for a most incredible person, congratulations @Zendaya and @Luxurylaw, you deserve all this ”. It was Tom’s message after Zendaya at 25 won the Fashion Icon Award, making her the youngest person to receive the honor.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are the couple of the moment, but it has not been the first that has arisen as a result of the movie “Spider-Man”.

In the same way, in 2001 the first Spider-Man couple emerged, but it was also the one that most reconsidered whether it was real or simply a montage to promote the film.

Raimi commented in an interview with The Sydney Morning that he was actually worried about this relationship, because they broke up before filming the second part and he was worried that they did not have the same chemistry. But in the end it was not like that.

Then the film caught Andrew Garfield as the lead and Emma Stone, who starred in the second sequel to Spiderman although their relationship began in 2011 and broke up in 2015.

“I am very happy and in love. My friends are great, my family is great and everyone is happy and healthy, ”Holland said in a recent interview.

He also referred to how difficult it is for a Hollywood artist to keep his private and public life separate. “It is the price to pay.” Now it only remains for the couple to formally present themselves before the public and the world press.

Maybe next December 13 will be that day, during the avant premiere of “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”