Zoom: learn the trick to ‘sit next to your friend’ in your virtual classes

If you have virtual classes through Zoom you will be happy to know that this famous platform that offers free video calls has a peculiar trick that allows users’sit next to your friends‘without them noticing. Would you like to know how? Here we will tell you the procedure.

It is worth noting that this method, which very few people know, will only work if you connect to the Zoom meeting from a Desktop PC or laptop. At the moment, this function is not enabled for those users who access the application from a tablet or smartphone.

That would be all. Please note that this Zoom trick will only affect your account; The rest of the people who connected to the video call will not notice that you decided to ‘change places’.

After announcing it earlier this year, Zoom has finally started rolling out support for automatic captions in all free accounts of the platform. Thanks to this feature, users can get a real-time transcript of what is being discussed during a video call.

“It is important to us that everyone is able to connect, communicate and participate successfully using Zoom. Without the right accessibility tools, people with disabilities face enormous barriers when using video communication solutions, “he said. Teresa larkin Product Marketing, Meeting and Chat Manager at Zoom. Here the details.